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VaultNov 29, 2023 1:46:33 PM4 min read

Holiday Safety Checklist: 12 Tips to Stay Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are here, which means decorations, travel plans, parties, and time with family. 

While you’re out enjoying the merriment, keep safety in mind. From fire hazards to pet safety, the holidays can pose unique risks that mindfulness can mitigate.

So, for the 12 days of Christmas, here are 12 holiday safety tips to protect you and yours.


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Your Comprehensive Holiday Safety Guide

Whether you're hitting the road for travel, braving the crowds for shopping, or navigating the hustle and bustle of the holidays, these tips will ensure your safety remains the top priority.


Holiday Fire Safety 

Fire safety during the holidays should be a top priority. 30% of all home fires happen from December – February. To keep your home and loved ones safe, make sure to: 

1. Inspect all cords, lights, and sockets. Throw away any that are broken or have frayed wires. Turn off all lights when you’re not home or asleep.

2. Keep an eye on your candles. Unattended candles can pose a big risk for fires, especially during holiday parties. Keep them in a secure stand, where they can’t be bumped, and at least 1 foot of space on all sides.

3. Be careful not to overload outlets and extension cords. Plugging in too many high-voltage items in one outlet or extension cord could spark a fire. And never plug your space heaters into an extension cord, as the voltage is too high.


Holiday Driving Safety Tips 

Accidents tend to increase during the holidays with more people on the road. Keep safe and: 

4. Get a ride home. Most people drink more during the holidays, and DUI-related accidents are highest at this time of year. Have a designated driver or request a ride through your preferred ride-share app.

5. Stay focused on the road. Bad weather, increased traffic, and distracted drivers can all increase your risk on the road. So stay focused, allow a safe distance from the car in front of you, buckle up, and mind your speed.

6. Take off puffy coats before buckling in small children. If you’re traveling with your kids or grandchildren, make sure to remove any bulky outerwear before putting them in their car seat. These pieces leave too big of a gap in their seat belt. You can lay it on them after they’re buckled or bring a blanket to keep them warm! 


Holiday Pet Safety 

With all kinds of new people over to your home for parties, your pet may get extra love and excitement. Establish these rules with your guests to keep your pets happy and healthy for the holidays: 

7. Watch out for holiday plants, tinsel, small toys, and batteries, which can make pets sick. Mistletoe, holly, lilies, and poinsettia are all dangerous and potentially poisonous for pets.  

8. Secure your Christmas tree so your pets can’t knock it over and get hurt. If you have a fresh tree, block off the base of the tree so they can’t get to the water, which could make them sick. Likewise, make sure they can’t get tangled in the lights or get the ornaments. Broken ornaments can damage your pet’s mouth and intestines.

9. Don’t give your pet leftovers from the table. Chocolate, alcohol, xylitol, and bones should not be given to pets, as they can be poisonous.


Holiday Home Safety Tips 

How do you keep your house safe during the holidays? While you’re decking the halls and singing your fa-la-la’s, here are three things to consider before the holiday: 

10. Stay safe in the kitchen and deep-fry with care. Grease fires skyrocket during the holidays, so make sure you do so carefully and know how to avoid these fires. Oven roasting is a safer option in the kitchen. 

11. Install smart lights and doorbells. These can be potential deterrents for would-be burglars. But they also help you keep an eye on your home and address any issues if needed.

12. Don’t forget to insure your gifted valuables. If you’re giving a timeless gift this holiday, ensure you’ve covered it on your insurance policy. Gifts such as engagement rings, jewelry, art, collectibles, and golf clubs can be insured as a safeguard. If you’re looking for coverage, Vault has you covered. Request a quote.

Stay warm, merry, and safe this holiday season. From all of us at Vault, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. 


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Featured Resource:
Your Comprehensive Holiday Safety Guide

Whether you're hitting the road for travel, braving the crowds for shopping, or navigating the hustle and bustle of the holidays, these tips will ensure your safety remains the top priority.


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